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123Movie Review – How to Access Best Mirror Sites In 2023?

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123Movies - mirror sites and Alternatives

123Movies Review


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  • Born: 2015-2016
  • Quality: High quality
  • Price: Free of cost
  • Ads Level: 1-2 ads 
  • History: Copyright infringement in past
  • Cons: Malicious ads, pop-ups, slow buffering

Install VPN that offers fast buffering, free ad/malware blocker, and bypass censorship

123Movies is a popular streaming site that offers free TV shows and movies. The site has been around for a few years and has become quite popular. However, the MPAA shut down the site in March 2018 for copyright infringement. Despite this, many mirror sites still offer the same content.

The content on 123Movies was varied. There were movies, TV shows, and genre features. The site also offered a paid subscription that gave you access to more content and better streaming quality. However, the free streaming option comes with lots of ads and popups.

So, is 123Movies worth streaming? We will test the site and let you know our verdict.

What Content do They Offer?

You can find all the movies and TV shows that might have been released in the last 3-6 months on the accessible version of the site or as a regular user. However, if you are a VIP member, you can enjoy all movie access with up to 1080p resolution, which is not available for everyday users. This means you will get better streaming in HD if you are a VIP member. 

If you’re looking for a wide selection of movies and TV shows, old and new, then 123Movies is worth checking out. You can filter by genres, IMDb ratings, and more, making it easy to find something to watch. Plus, they frequently add new releases from the cinema so you can stay up-to-date on the latest films.

If you want to watch a movie in another language or with subtitles in another language, you can easily change the settings to match your needs. This is an excellent feature for those who want to learn new languages or just want to be able to watch movies in their native language.

Is It Legal?

Regarding the legality of 123Movies streaming, it is clear by now that it is illegal. However, it depends on what you are watching. New release content always contains copyrights which means that both the streamer and the host are committing a crime if they watch or download it. 

On 123Movies, you can see that there are newly released movies that should not be there, in violation of copyrights. That is why 123Movies was shut down in the first place and is now operating under a different domain name.

If you live in a country with strict internet laws over copyrights, you should be careful while streaming on 123movies. Accessing the site can be dangerous if you live in a country with strict copyright laws since the ISPs can then serve you DMCA notices. Also, even if you are in a country that has mild laws, you will only have to face ISP throttling which is not so much of a serious issue and can be bypassed through the best streaming VPN. 

Is it safe?

Most streaming sites are not safe. They often get caught, change the domain name and host back online, and do extension ads campaigns, and pop-up ads might contain malware to steal your information and identity. However, there are some safe streaming sites out there. If you’re looking for a secure streaming site, research it thoroughly before use.

If you talk about 123Movies, too many ads appear everywhere. You might find ads at the movie’s start or during the interval. This is annoying but can lead to malware through popups. So it’s better to use ad blockers.

There are a few ways that online streaming can get noticed and caught by ISP providers. One way is if the user streams content from an illegal source, such as a pirated movie or TV show. If the ISP provider catches this, they may take action against the user, ranging from a warning to terminating their service. Another way is if the user streams content from a legal source but needs the proper licenses or permissions. In this case, the copyright holders of the content could come after the user with infringement claims.

Streaming experience

The streaming quality was just okay. It was free, which is always a good thing, but there was limited access to content. The content quality maxed out at 480p, which wasn’t too bad, but I would have liked to see 720p options. The buffering speed was delayed and low, which was a bit of a pain, but overall it wasn’t too bad. There weren’t too many ads that ruined my experience, but it was a good streaming site that you could use for free.

Mirror sites to 123Movies 

123Movies Proxy/Mirror Sites are duplicate sites of original 123Movies free movie streaming sites managed by 123Movies service staff who want to provide unblocked access to 123Movies content to all people around the world. They have the same content & database as the original 123Movies website, and their managers keep updating these 123Movies mirrors/proxies to keep it updated with the original website.

How to stream 123Movies online

You can watch 123Movies streaming from any device you have, as long as you have an active and fast internet connection. The best streaming devices are laptops, desktops, and android/iOS devices. To find the site, search for it on your browser and enter. Then, sit back and enjoy the show!

Pros and Cons


  • It’s free
  • You can stream from anywhere in the world.
  • The quality of the stream is outstanding.


  • Pop-up ads 
  • Poor streaming quality 
  • The site is often shut down. 
  • Slow buffering and streaming speeds 

Device and Platform compatibility 

123movies is a popular online streaming platform that is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms. Whether you use an Android device, an Apple device, or even a smart TV, 123movies will work just fine. The platform offers a great selection of movies and TV shows, so you can always find something to watch.


Why do we need to use VPN to watch 123 movies?

Although the site 123movies is a popular streaming platform, it faces geo restrictions and bans due to the pirated content that it has over it. Moreover, when streaming, ISPs also tend to throttle their users. Therefore, using a reliable VPN while streaming on it is crucial.

What’s 123movies called now?

The original name and URL were 123movies.to, which changed to other domains, including 123movies. before redirecting to gomovies.to and later gomovies.is.

Did 123movies get shut down?

123Movies used to be a very famous online streaming platform. It was taken down in March 2018, and since then, many mirror websites have been available. It’s important to note the following about 123Movies and its clone sites: Watching streams on 123Movies mirrors is probably not allowed in your region.

Is it illegal to watch 123movies?

Using 123Movies is illegal in most cases. Because the site contains pirating copyrighted content, However, some countries allow it for personal use.

Final Words 

In conclusion, the article offers a great selection of alternatives like 123Movies and the original website. 123movies provides a vast range of TV series and movies in HD and standard definition to its users. This means that you should have no trouble finding something to watch. The site is easy to use and categorizes films and TV shows by genre and country, offering a rundown of the movies with the highest ratings on IMDB.

There’s even a featured list showcasing the latest and greatest films on the site. Finally, there’s no registration required. This removes the hassle of many online streaming sites and means you must visit the website, choose your movie, and watch to your heart’s content.

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