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Cricfree.SC Review With Best Working Mirror Sites Available

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Cricfree.sc Review


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  • Born: 2014
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Price: Free 
  • Ads Level: 5 ads 
  • History: No history found.
  • Cons: Ads, limited sports channels, geo-blocks.

Install VPN that offers fast buffering, free ad/malware blocker, and bypass censorship

Cable TV is getting off the market, and online streaming channels have taken their place. Not only are these streaming platforms cheap, but they are also very convenient to use. They are easy to access, offer hundreds of TV channels, provide live streaming, and much more. 

Cricfree.sc is a sports streaming website that offers users a wide range of features. The website offers a variety of sports channels from all around the world, which can be streamed live. One of the best things about Cricfree.sc is that it is free to use. The website also offers a chat room where users can interact with each other and discuss the match that they are watching.

However, some suspicions revolve around the legality of cricfree, and we are here to take an in-depth walk about how to stream on the site safely. In the article, we will discuss all the features of cricfree and how to avail of them. Moreover, we will talk about how to use VPNs, malware blockers and ad blockers appropriately. 

What does it have to offer?

Don’t get intimidated by its name. Cricfree is a sports streaming platform that has thousands of daily visitors. The site has gained popularity due to its live-streaming feature and user-friendly nature. Cricfree has a huge collection of sports to choose from besides cricket, such as football, hockey, motors, darts, WWE, rugby, and others. 

The website requires registration to enable the chat box feature, where sports fans can mingle and discuss live sports events. Registration on a free website can be alarming, but by using privacy tools, you can protect your data and avail yourself of the feature. Moreover, the quality of the streams is remarkable; all the links on the site provide HD-quality live streaming.

Besides, the website layout is straightforward and user-friendly. On top of that, the site is taking the initiative to make Cricfree an ad-free streaming platform and asking for users’ donations. The growing user rate on the website makes it hard for the moderators to keep running the website for free, and the ads featured on the site are not enough. To keep the server network going, they request their loyal users for donations and promise to add more channels on the site, turning it into an all-rounder streaming service. 

What sports content does Cricefree offer?

The site has a vast range of sports and sports leagues. Some of them are listed below;

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Darts, 
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Hockey
  • Motorsport
  • Golf

Cricfree offers numerous Sports channels including;

  • Sky Sport 
  • BT Sport (1,2,3,4)
  • Euro Sport
  • ESPN
  • SportsNet
  • Fox TSN
  • beIN Sports
  • FS1
  • Premium sports
  • BBC one
  • Astro cricket
  • willow

Users can easily access these channels and sports on Cricfree. Moreover, for each live stream, you will get 2-3 links, so if one doesn’t work, you can always try the other. 

Does Cricfree face any geo-blocks?

Cricfree can be accessed in most countries and is not geo-blocked. However, some links on the site might redirect you to a geo-restricted page; thus, you will be unable to access it. 

Geo-blocks are mainly due to copyright and pirating issues; as these live broadcasts are considered pirated streaming, many countries apply geo-blocks on such sites. This is where a streaming VPN comes into action; you can connect to a server outside the restricted region on your VPN. a VPN service will allow you to bypass all geo-blocks and access blocked content. Many users have started opting for VPN services due to this reason. 

Note: we do not appreciate or support the streaming of pirated content in any way. 

How do I live-stream sports on it?

Streaming on Cricfree is child’s play. The site is easy to understand, and you can access live streaming in just a few simple steps;

  1. Download a good VPN service and connect to a nearby server. Make sure to connect to a server in unrestricted regions.
  2. Visit the Cricfree website and click on the sports or TV channel you want to watch.
  3. After getting redirected to a page with live links, click on the “watch” option.
  4. Start streaming, and if you want to enable the chat box feature, register with your email and password. Users can chat with each other in the chat box but remember to follow the chat box rules.

These steps will help you to bypass all geo-blocks and have a seamless streaming experience. 

Is it safe?

Cricfree.sc is a popular website that provides free streaming of sporting events worldwide. However, the site has been embroiled in copyright issues and geo-blocks. The links on the site can lead users to other pirated sites where they stream illegal live sports. 

The website has been accused of allowing pirated streaming of sports content from various sports leagues and broadcasters without paying for copyrights.; This has resulted in many copyright holders issuing takedown notices to Cricfree.sc. In response, many countries have implemented geo-blocking measures to restrict access to pirated websites.

Despite the copyright issues, Cricfree.sc remains a popular destination for sports fans. The site offers a wide range of features, including live streaming.

You must access the site with a streaming VPN as some links are from geo-blocked regions and some may redirect you to malicious sites. Not only will a VPN mask your IP but also offer maximum anonymity. 

Streaming Experience

After finding out about Cricfree.sc, I registered on the site after connecting with a VPN service. The site has a simple interface where I easily found the FIFA World Cup live stream. Moreover, all the links on the site were functioning, and no bluff links. 

There were a few ads on the site, but they were very well-managed and not annoying. I found the TV channel collection very impressive; it has all the popular sports channels, from sky sports to FOX sports. 

I recommend using an ad blocker with the site to avoid all ads and a VPN service to bypass geo-blocks and maintain your online privacy. Overall, I enjoyed my time on the website and will surely visit it again. 

Support and compatibility 

The sports site works well with almost all devices and ensures good-quality streaming no matter what device you use. Some devices it works well with are;

  • PC
  • Tablets
  • Desktop
  • Android
  • IOS

Pros and Cons

Here is a list of all the pros and cons of Cricfree listed below;


  • Free: the site is free to use and offers high-quality live streaming without charging a penny. 
  • Huge collection of sports: the sports collection on the website is relatively large, including sports such as football, basketball, rugby, etc.
  • Live chat: users can chat with each other by registering on Cricfree. 
  • Easy interface: the layout of the website is simple and easy to understand. 
  • Filters: you can filter the sports you want to watch, and nothing irrelevant. 
  • Live streaming: it allows users to live stream and offers legitimate links to all sports events and live broadcasts. 


  • Geo-blocking: the site is geo-blocked in certain regions. 
  • Pirated content: some links lead users to pirated links, and streaming pirated content is considered illegal. 
  • Ads: the ads on the site can be annoying and interrupting. 

The pros are greater in number making cricfree one of the best websites for online streaming. 

Mirror sites

There are a few mirror sites of cricfree.sx that we could find on the internet, these sites are functioning and can be assessed if the original site is facing downtime. 

Use these mirror sites with a VPN to mask your digital identity and prevent data breaching and other cybercrimes.


Is Cricfree Safe To Use?

The site is not completely safe to use. Make sure to use a VPN to bypass malicious ads and prevent cybercrimes. 

Is Cricfree Legal?

The legality of the website is a complicated subject, it depends on the regions you are located in and what country rules you are subjected to, use a VPN service to mask your IP and stream safely. 

Is Cricfree Down Right Now?

The site can be down due to domain issues. Try accessing the site with a mirror URL or with a VPN. 

Is There A Cricfree App That You Can Download?

Unfortunately, the streaming site has no app and can only be passed through a web browser. 

Final Thoughts 

Cricfree.sc is a sports streaming website that offers users a wide range of features. For starters, the site provides live streaming of cricket matches worldwide. Moreover, the site also has a chat room where users can discuss various topics related to cricket. Cricfree.sc also provides links to other sports-related websites and resources.

There are geo-blocks on the site and some ads. However, the site is taking measures to make the website ad-free by collecting donations. For safety purposes, we suggest using privacy tools like VPNs and ad blockers with the website to prevent identity theft and bypass geo-block and adverts.

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