Editorial Policy

We aim to provide our readers with the best. We follow a strict editorial policy for all the work that goes online on our platform. We form reviews based on personal experiences. Apart from that, to ensure our readers always get the best of streaming experiences, we note that most of these free streaming sites frequently face bans and shutdowns. Therefore, we constantly keep updating the links and reviews on our sites to help you keep up with the latest news, updates, and links of each streaming site.

But How Do We Review? – Our Standards

At SitesToSteam, we strive to achieve the best standard of reviews. We are very serious about streaming; therefore, we follow a methodological process while reviewing every streaming platform, site, or VPN. 

Our review process involves a series of various tests and detailed research. While reviewing streaming websites, we tend to conduct an in-depth analysis of the site, focusing on crucial aspects that impact our readers. We carefully examine the streaming speeds, buffering time, content categories, online restriction, and presence of malware and ads. We then form comprehensive reviews that give our readers an insight into what to expect from the site. 

Similarly, SitesToStream only brings forward the best VPNs after thoroughly testing them based on internet speeds, server selections, adblocker performance, and antimalware security. 

We also have a series of “best” articles besides reviews. These articles contain a list o the best streaming sites that can help our readers make a thorough choice on SitesToStream.  


We do not support or promote illegal activities. All the content on this site is for educational purposes. SitesToStream frowns upon illegal activities. 

Do We Accept Sponsorships?

SiteToStream does not accept sponsorships for advertising or promoting any platform or service. We only approve products, services, or websites after extensive research and trying them out ourselves. 

Our reviews are genuine and free from bias. We do not accept paid promotions and strictly frown upon reviewing products or services in exchange for money. Similarly, it is strictly against our ethics to take money in exchange for getting rid of any review or list. You can head over to our editorial policy to gain more insights.

Will We Accept Paid Content Or Ratings?

At SitesToStream, we strive to bring you an unbiased view of the streaming world. Therefore, our solemn promise is that we do not associate ourselves with any streaming service or its affiliates. We stand independent, and no streaming site or its affiliate does not have any relationship with us, let it be in the form of being in charge, having partnerships, ownerships, etc. 

To achieve our mission and all the content available on SitesToStream is a result of our dedication towards attaining streaming freedom. We have no financial interest in any streaming services or products we mention. 

Since SiteToStream is harbouring a strong agenda, we have a team of writers and researchers who help bring this content to you. However, the site is owned and operated by a privacy journalist and web freedom advocate. It is a private company with no outside investors or shareholders. If you want to know how we earn, click here