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How To Change Netflix Region From Anywhere You Want

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Since Netflix imposed VPN bans, not all VPNs work well with it. After testing several VPNs, we tried NordVPN, which proved to have the best results! You can use it, too, if you want a reliable VPN to change your Netflix region. 

If you are an avid traveler and a movie or TV show fanatic, you might know how frustrating it is to find your favorite movie or TV show restricted as soon as you cross the US border! While Netflix geo-restrictions are a sad reality, accepting them is difficult to swallow. Even after realizing that the reasons for these restrictions are somewhat legit, the fact that some countries don’t have access to certain content despite paying a hefty subscription seems unfair. Therefore internet freedom advocates have devised various foolproof ways to help you change Netflix regions from anywhere you want. We have them all mentioned in this article below!

Why is Netflix Separating Content By Region?

Netflix is a global service that offers users a wide variety of content, including original movies, TV shows, and others. However, the same content is not always available in all regions due to licensing agreements. Netflix has therefore decided to separate its movie and TV show offerings by region to make the most of these licensing agreements and provide its users with the best possible experience.

This separation means users in different areas will see other movies and TV shows on their Netflix accounts. This can be frustrating for users who want to watch a particular film or show that is only available in another region. However, it is essential to remember that these licensing agreements are necessary for Netflix to continue offering its vast content selection.

Ultimately, Netflix wants to provide its users with the best possible experience and offer them the widest selection of content imaginable. Separating movies and TV shows by region is one way that they can achieve their goal.

How To Change Netflix Region by Using VPN

Time Needed 5 minutes.

If you want to change your Netflix region by using VPN, there are a few things that you need to know. First, it is essential to understand that not all VPN providers offer Netflix streaming since Netflix has a strong blockade against VPN IPs. so make sure you are using the right VPN with Netflix. 

NordVPN is one of the few VPNs that still works well with Netflix. Here are a few steps you need to follow to change your Netflix region:

  1. Sign up for a NordVPN account.

    Since Netflix blocks many VPNs, we have compiled a list of VPN that still working with Netflix.

  2. Download and install the NordVPN app on your device.

    signup and login in through the NordVPN website

  3. Connect to a VPN server in the country you want to access Netflix from.

    Install and connect the desired server location.

  4. Log in to your Netflix account and start streaming.

    If your Netflix is currently open, close the tab and reconnect back to Netflix, and your Netflix region is now being changed.

Following these steps can easily bypass the strictest geo-restrictions and VPN blocks.

What Are the best VPNs to change Netflix regions?

The easiest way to change Netflix’s region is by using VPN. It allows its users to change the region of their choice. Vpn helps to conceal users’ IP addresses and change them with your desired country. Furthermore, it will encrypt data so no one can track your activity. Here are some VPNs you can use to change Netflix region:

  1. NordVPN: it has a network server of 60 countries and Offers a super-fast streaming experience. Moreover, it allows users to unlock 19 Netflix libraries. 
  2. ExpressVPN: It offers a vast network of 3000 servers along with a lightway protocol for fast streaming speed.
  3. Cyberghost VPN: it provides extensive network service, fast streaming speed, and robust encryption. It also has unlimited bandwidth. Users can unlock their favorite shows from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.  
  4. Surfshark VPN: its network server is spread over 65 countries. It Allows fast and unrestricted streaming with HD quality. Let its users unlock content from various streaming platforms. 
  5. ProtonVPN: it is another prominent VPN that has super fast streaming speed and bypasses geo-restrictions.

These are our top picks to change the Netflix region. These VPNs work well with Netflix and have specific features that ensure fast speeds and help bypass geo-restrictions. 

Is VPN The Best Way To Change Netflix Region?

There are several reasons why VPN is the best way to change Netflix’s region such as;

  • It allows you to access content that may not be available in your current location. For example, if you’re traveling overseas and want to watch your favorite shows from back home, you can use a VPN to connect to a server in your home country and access the content you’re used to seeing.
  • You can also use VPN to bypass geo-restrictions placed on specific content such as a show or movie only available in certain countries. With a VPN you can connect to a server in one of those unrestricted countries and stream the content without any issues.
  • A VPN provides more security and privacy than other methods of changing your Netflix region. When you connect to a VPN server, your traffic is encrypted before leaving your device. This means that anyone trying to snoop on your activities will only see gibberish instead of being able to see what websites you’re visiting or what shows you’re watching on Netflix.

Above mentioned are some of the major advantages of using a VPN to change your Netflix region. Many VPNs on the market are trustworthy and reliable, such as NordVPN. It is a popular VPN service with a significant number of servers that can easily help bypass geo-restrictions.

Change the Netflix region on smart TV.

If you want to change your Netflix region on a smart TV using NordVPN, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a NordVPN account. You can do this on their website.
  2. Once you have an account, download the NordVPN app onto your smart TV.
  3. Open the app and log in with your NordVPN credentials.
  4. Select a server in the country whose Netflix library you want to access. For example, if you’re going to watch American Netflix, connect to a server in the United States.
  5. Once connected, open the Netflix app on your smart TV and stream.

These are the simple steps to follow if you want to change your Netflix location. Follow these and enjoy your favorite content no matter where you are!

How Do I Change Netflix Region on your iOS or Android? 

If you’re looking to change your Netflix region on your iOS or Android device by using NordVPN, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the NordVPN app installed on your device. If you don’t, head to the App Store or Google Play Store and update it.
  2. Once you’ve done that, open the app and sign in with your account details.
  3. Now, click on the country flag icon in the top-left corner of the main screen and select a country from the list that appears. For example, select the United States from the list if you want to watch US Netflix content.
  4. Finally, connect to a server in the selected country by clicking on its name in the server list (you can find this under ‘Country’ in the left-hand menu). Once connected, launch Netflix and start streaming!

Easy peasy! Just follow the instructions and enjoy Netflix content on your iOS and Android.

How to Change Netflix region on Roku?

If you want to change your Netflix location on a Roku device, you must follow these steps:

  1. First, you must set up NordVPN or create a virtual router on your router. 
  2. After Using the Nord VPN, it will reroute your network traffic and will alter your IP address. 
  3. The new IP address needs to correspond with the region you select on the Roku device. 
  4. Nord VPN helps you change your location without any physical movement. 
  5. Thus, you get access to different content on Netflix by disguising your IP address through NordVPN.

Just by following these simple steps, users can change Netflix regions on Roku.

How to Change Netflix region on PS4?

To change the Netflix region on PS4 is to create a new account because it does not allow the change of country/region.

  1.  Open your web on a PC or mobile. 
  2. Then, navigate to the PlayStation official website and click sign in.
  3.  On the next page, create a new account. 
  4. After that, enter your correct date of birth, then select a new country/region/state and language. 
  5. Enter your email address and password. Before doing this, ensure your email address isn’t linked to any PlayStation or Sony account. Remember to also create a strong password for your new PSN account. 
  6. Finally, click on the confirm button.

We hope you get these instructions. Follow them step by step to change your Netflix location on PS4.

How to change Netflix region on a streaming device

Changing your Netflix region on any streaming device might seem complicated. Still, it is straightforward as long as you have a reliable VPN that works with your streaming devices, like NordVPN. 

  1. There are many different VPNs available, but we recommend NordVPN as it’s one of the easiest to use and very fast.
  2. Once you’ve signed up for a subscription, simply download the app and connect to a server in the country where you want to watch Netflix. For example, you could connect to a US server if you want to watch US Netflix.
  3. Once connected, open the Netflix app and sign in. You should now see that your content has changed, and you’ll have access to the new library. If you’re having trouble connecting or accessing the new library, contact your VPN’s customer support, and they’ll be able to help you out.

Now you know how to change your Netflix region on your streaming devices. Download NordVPN and gp stream!

How to change Netflix Regions using Smart DNS? 

If you’re searching for how to change a region of Netflix using smart DNS, here are the steps you must follow:

  1.  Choose a DNS proxy server address. You can use SmartPlay, the NordVPN Smart DNS feature.  
  2. Pick a server you want to connect through and click on “connect” button. 
  3. The smart algorithm with connect and you can stream anything you want. 

Now that you have unlocked the content library of your desired region, enjoy streaming. 

Can I use a free VPN to Change Netflix Region?

Many free VPNs promise to bypass Netflix VPN blocks and bypass geo-restrictions. However, none of them are reliable and trustworthy. These free VPNs do not have enough servers and offer minimum speed. Moreover, Netflix uses powerful VPN blocks to prevent users from accessing restricted content due to copyright issues. 

On top of that, free VPNs are unsuitable for hiding your IP and protecting you from malware and third-party attacks. Additionally, it does slow down your streaming speed and risk being blocked by several sites that do not give copyright authority. We do not recommend using free VPN to bypass geo-restrictions, and The only VPNs that work with Netflix are:

  1. NordVPN 
  2. CyberGhost VPN
  3. Surfshark VPN 
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Proton VPN 

We suggest using a paid and trustworthy VPN while streaming, as these are the best options to bypass restrictions and VPN blocks. NordVPN is one of the most trusted VPN services ideal for changing Netflix regions and provides a secure streaming experience. 

How to choose the best VPNs to change Netflix regions 

There are a few features to look for while selecting the best VPN to change Netflix regions. Some of them are;

  • Number of servers: the more the number of servers, the more easy it will be to bypass restrictions.
  • Fast speed: fast speed will ensure steady streaming and quick server connections. 
  • Encryption: robust encryption will help in masking IP addresses and hiding digital footprints.
  • Obfuscating servers: these servers promise bypassing of VPN blocks, even the most powerful ones used by Netflix. 

These are the primary features that help in bypassing geo-restrictions. 

What is the best Netflix library by country?

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform on the internet, and almost all age groups enjoy Netflix’s streaming content. However, you might be thinking that there are many Netflix libraries, and all of them offer different content, so which one is the best? We have analyzed all these libraries and came to the conclusion that the Netflix US library is the most loved library. It has 5,879 (4,035 movies and 1,844 TV series). 

Apart from that,  Netflix UK library is one of the largest, with (7,193 titles in total). However,  no matter what library you want to unblock, you can easily bypass all restrictions using a powerful VPN such as NordVPN. It will help bypass VPN blocks and provide fast speed with built-in ad blockers. 

What can I watch on Netflix US?

There is so much to choose from on Netflix. The platform comprises original movies and TV shows from every genre and category. The categories include crime, war, comedy, romance, thriller, serial killer, and more. Netflix is known for producing original content, and people worldwide wait for every new movie and show to launch. Some of the newly launched Netflix shows are; 

  • The Wonder. Release Date: November 16, 2022.
  • My Father’s Dragon. Release Date: November 11, 2022.
  • Falling For Christmas. Netflix Release Date: November 10, 2022. 
  • All Quiet on the Western Front. Netflix Release Date: October 28, 2022. 
  • Enola Holmes 2. 
  • The Good Nurse. 
  • The Stranger. 
  • The Curse of Bridge Hollow.
  • Wednesday(2022)
  • Elite season 6 (2022)

These are a few recently released shows on Netflix. There is always more to search for; the site is full of old classics and popular titles.


Is That Legal To Change Netflix Region?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this issue, and the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. In short, Netflix uses your IP address to determine your location and, thus, which content you can see. If you use a VPN or other method to change your IP address, it stands to reason that you could also change your Netflix region.

However, it’s important to remember that Netflix has strict policies regarding VPNs and other methods of changing your IP address. They have stated that they will take action against those who use these methods to access content unavailable in their country. This means that if you use a VPN or other method to change your IP address and access content unavailable in your country, you could be subject to penalties from Netflix.

So while changing your IP address is technically possible to change your Netflix region, it is essential to be aware of the potential consequences before doing so.

How do I change my Netflix region without VPN?

The most common way to change your Netflix region is to use a VPN. However, there are a few other ways you can do this.

One way is to use a DNS proxy service. This will allow you to change your DNS settings so that Netflix thinks you are in a different country. The downside of this method is that it can be slower than using a VPN, and some proxies may not work with Netflix.

Another way to change your Netflix region is by using a browser extension or add-on. These will allow you to spoof your location and trick Netflix into thinking you are in another country. The downside of this method is that it can be less reliable than a VPN, and some extensions may not work with all regions of Netflix.

The last way to change your Netflix region without a VPN is by modifying your host’s file. This is a little more technical but can be done relatively easily if you follow instructions carefully. The downside of this method is that it can be more difficult to set up and may not work with all versions of Windows.

How do I track my location on Netflix?

If you want to trick Netflix into thinking you’re in a different location, you can try a few different methods. One is to use a VPN service to route your traffic through a server in another country. Other ways we already have mentioned above. 

How do I get all Netflix regions?

The USA Netflix region has a significantly more extensive content library than other regions. This is because other regions don’t have as many titles, but you can change your location to the USA and gain access to a much larger range of movies and TV shows.

Is there a way to change your country on Netflix?

Using a VPN to access Netflix will help you to hide your region and only allow you to see TV shows and movies available to all regions globally.

How do you unlock different regions on Netflix?

To unlock the Netflix region, you can use VPN, a Smart DNS service, connect to a proxy server, or set up remote desktop software. 

Why is Netflix so region locked?

Due to the enforcement of copyrights and royalties, each country has different laws and regulations around intellectual property and the copying of media content.

How to change Netflix Region for free?

There are several ways to change Netflix region for free. You can use free VPNs or a Smart DNS service, but you can also use a proxy server, remote desktop software, and the Tor browser.

Can I watch Netflix abroad?

Changing the Netflix region will allow you to stream Netflix anywhere abroad. It is popular with people who travel frequently or want access to content they won’t get due to being unable to be in a particular country or region.

Final words 

Netflix is considered one of the most renowned streaming platforms available in 190 countries. But note that not all countries have all the content of Netflix if you’re residing in a country where your favorite show is unavailable. Then, you must change your region by using VPN to watch them without moving. 

Furthermore, Nord VPN is comparatively more reliable and affordable and gives off valuable tools that can assist you quickly switching between Netflix regions. Apart from that, it will also encrypt your traffic and provide a safer browsing experience.

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