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KissCartoon Alternatives For Unrestricted Streaming In 2023

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If you’re a cartoon fanatic, you would be familiar with KissCartoon. It is an online streaming site that allows watching anime for free. You don’t need to register for a user account to watch anime or cartoons on KissCartoon. Visit the site, select the anime from the extensive content library, and start streaming. The HD quality of the video streams also ensures a fantastic streaming experience. However, the original KissCartoon site went offline in 2017 due to copyright issues leaving users behind in shock, and thus, they started looking for the best KissCartoon alternatives.

It’s been five years since the original KissCartoon site was shut down. But there are various mirror and clone sites on the web that serve millions of users to enjoy the same experience as the original site. However, these sites are not great, as multiple mirror sites were blocked in 2021. The clone sites contain pirated content and come along with risks that seriously threaten digital privacy. 

It might be depressing for KissCartoon fans as it is no longer available. But they can always look for alternatives to continue watching their favorite anime series. This article includes the best KissCartoon alternatives to help users decide which site will suit them the most.

Quick Steps to stream safely on KissCartoon Alternatives

KissCartoon and all its alternatives are free streaming sites. While these sites may be reliable in providing good streaming content, they come with several privacy and security issues. Therefore it is crucial to practice some security measures to stay safe while streaming on them such as:

Streaming VPN: Make sure you use the best streaming VPN that bypasses Geo-Blocking, Free Malware, and Free Ad Blockers; bypass ISP Throttling and get the fastest buffering.
Use an Ad blocker: Install an ad blocker and block intrusive ads that spoil the streaming experience
Install Malware Blocker: intrusive ads can lead to malware most of the time and use better Anti-Malware. 

These safety methods can help you remain safe and secure while streaming your favorite cartoons online.

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10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives- Reviews

Without any further ado, if you’re into using the KissCartoon alternatives, here are the options you must look into:

1- Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a KissCartoon alternative that’s worth trying out. It is a free anime streaming site that allows users to watch their favorite cartoon series without a fee. Create a user account, choose the content and start watching the content in HD quality. It has a comprehensive catalog of anime series and covers almost every genre. Whether you want to watch action, adventure, sports, thriller, drama, or fantasy, you will find everything on this site. The website regularly updates its content library, so you don’t have to wait long for the new episodes to be uploaded. You can use the dedicated search bar to find the desired content or browse through the popular and new categories. There’s a news section that informs the users about what’s new in the anime industry. 

 The website restricts some content and encourages users to subscribe to their premium plan. Also, it shows ads, but there’s a way out. You can also use a reliable ad blocker to wipe out all such ads.

2- WatchCartoonsOnline


WatchCartoonsOnline is the best anime streaming site. However, its extensive content library and user-friendliness make it one of the best KissCartoon alternatives. The content library includes over 10,00 anime TV shows and movies in different genres. You can watch any streaming content for free, but you must first register for a user account. There is a dedicated search bar where you can find the video streams by entering a relevant keyword. In addition, there’s an impressive filter feature that allows the users to search for a video by using various filters like genre, year of release, type, status, and age. 

The home page shows recent and popular anime TV series and movies along with their ratings. Also, when you click on any content to stream, it provides relevant details about the file, which the users might be interested to know. All the videos are in HD quality, which enhances the streaming experience. However, the speeds are not very good. The video often stops while playing and takes a couple of minutes for loading. The most disappointing elements about the site are the pop-up and ads, so use an adblocker and block all the ads.

3- KimCartoon


KimCartoon is the best KissCartoon alternative, where you can watch online cartoons for free. The alternative site categorizes the content based on popularity, alphabetical order, the latest content, and a new cartoon. In addition, you can use the search bar on the home page to find the desired file. It updates its content library frequently and allows users to watch their favorite content in HD. 

However, the online streaming site comes with a drawback that’s difficult to ignore. It doesn’t host any content file on its servers and instead shows links from non-affiliated third parties. Thus, the legality of the content is hard to determine. Besides this, the ads continue interrupting your streaming experience, so don’t forget to use an adblocker and a VPN for added protection.

4- Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon is another best KissCartoon alternative that you must try out once. It is a free online streaming site that lets you watch anime TV shows and movies. The best thing about this streaming site is that it shows legal content and is safe to use. 

You can access your favorite anime content via the web or download the app on compatible devices. It offers excellent video quality streams with fast streaming speeds that enhance the streaming experience.

5- ToonJet


ToonJet also ranks in the list of the best KissCartoon alternatives, which are free to use and don’t require account registration. Visit the website, choose the content you’re interested in watching, and that’s it. It shows popular anime TV shows and movies of all time. Some content that might interest you includes The Looney Tunes show, Ultimate Spiderman, and Pokemon Black & White. However, unlike other anime streaming sites, ToonJet doesn’t host content on its servers. It shows third-party video stream links, which are not always reliable to use. 

Apart from this, the anime streaming site hasn’t been updated for quite a long time. This can concern privacy-conscious people who might drift away from using it.

6- DisneyNow


If you’re a Disney fan, there is no better option than DisneyNow. It offers a TV app and a web version for Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD enabling you to watch your favorite Disney cartoon anytime without any cost. The content it shows is usually in 720p or higher quality, which is one reason it emerges in the list of the best KissCartoon alternatives. Besides this, the streaming speeds are also good and won’t cause any noticeable buffering or connection lags, but make sure you have a stable internet connection. 

The platform’s most famous TV shows include the Mickey Mouse and DuckTales series. Browse through the shows tab to find your favorite Disney series. You can even use the search bar or scroll down the homepage to look for the latest episodes of the shows. Before watching, you can read the summary of the upcoming episode to get an idea of what the episode will be about. However, this service is only available for people living in the US and its territories; thus, if you’re from outside the US, use a VPN to get a US IP address and enjoy free streaming

7- Cartoon Network 

Cartoon Network

Another popular KissCartoon alternative is Cartoon Network, which doesn’t need any introduction. It has been around for many years and produces great cartoons, anime series, and movies. Here you can watch the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, and Scooby Dhoby series. Besides having a TV channel, it also has a web version and native apps for Android and Apple devices that allows easy access to your favorite cartoon series. 

When you visit the site, you will see separate tabs, browse into the videos category, choose the content, and start streaming. The website is free to use and doesn’t ask the users to create an account. It is also the home for playing online games with Cartoon Network characters like Ben 10 and more. The best thing about the Cartoon Network site is that they have all the content rights meaning it hosts original content which is legal and safe to access. Besides this, you won’t see any pop-up ads during streaming which gives users another reason to look for KissCartoon alternatives. 

8- 9Anime


9Anime is the best anime site with a comprehensive Japanese anime content library. It is a free streaming site that lets the users stream the content by visiting the site without signing up for an account. The website interface and design are not very impressive, which might disappoint the users. You will find a search bar on the homepage with no separate categories and just a list of all the content. Also, the homepage has an anime video playlist, and upon clicking on any link or video, it redirects you to a separate page with the media player and information about the episode. 

You can stream content up to 1080p quality, and the streaming speeds are also fast, guaranteeing the best streaming experience. Since all the content is in Japanese, the videos include subtitles and even allow viewers to download the video to watch later. But on the downside, some content on the website is not suitable for children, so parents must look into this matter. Also, it shows ads that might ruin the streaming experience, so use a reliable ad blocker. 

9- KissCartoon City

KissCartoon City

KissCartoon City is a clone site, and the minds behind the original KisCartoon website develop it to ensure that users can enjoy the same experience. The website is free to use and won’t ask to sign up for a user account. It has a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate. You can browse through the new cartoons, top week, top day, and top month categories to find the cartoon series you want to watch. Also, it informs about upcoming cartoon movies and series, so you watch them soon after their release. Just access the website, search for the content you want to stream, and that’s it.

The video quality is also good and ensures viewers a fantastic streaming experience. However, the biggest drawback of this site is it’s full of pop-ups and ads. These ads are intrusive and malicious and can put your digital privacy at risk. 

10- AnimeFreak 


AnimeFreak is the best go-to website for watching anime content without paying any subscription fee. It holds an impressive content library in various genres and covers all series from the 1990s until now. The users can browse the content daily, weekly, and monthly or use the dedicated search bar and find the relevant content easily. The streaming site asks users to undergo the signup process, and after that, they can select the content and start streaming their favorite anime series in HD quality. 

When you choose the anime series, it provides all the relevant details. Even if you want to skip some episodes, you can easily choose the episode you want to stream from the list. The only drawback of using this KissCartoon alternative is that the website bombards your streaming experience with ads. Hence, enabling an ad blocker while using this site is better.

Security Issues With KissCartoon Site

Without any doubt, free streaming sites are not secure, including KissCartoon. Though the site went offline, the mirror sites are still active and come with various risks that are not good for your online privacy and security and can also put you in legal trouble. If you’re already using or planning to use any of the KissCartoon clone sites, then first be aware of the issues it carries.

Here are the five common security risks of using the KissCartoon site:

Copyright Infringements

 One of the most significant dangers of using KissCartoon is facing copyright violations. Streaming and downloading copyrighted content is not illegal in most countries. The original KissCartoon website was put down because it showed anime and cartoons without the distributors’ permission.

Similarly, the mirror sites host streaming links that might contain pirated or CAM content. The users are liable for piracy if the ISPs and law enforcement agencies catch them streaming it. In 2021, the Australian Court ordered to block KissCartoon clone sites over piracy concerns. Thus, KissCartoon mirror sites are risky to use because they show illegal content.

Pop-ups and Ads

KissCartoon is an ad-supported site meaning your streaming experience will be full of interruptions. The ad networks might use cookies to track browsing habits and target you with specific ads. It is alarming because such tracking can lead to identity theft and financial fraud. In addition, some ads on the site might be a part of the clickbait technique that can infect your device with malware or launch a phishing attack. This way, malicious actors get an easy way to steal your personal information and control your device. Thus, be cautious while clicking on the ads that appear on your screen during streaming. 

Besides this, these ads bombard the device with a request for data from the advertising companies. It overloads the system and slows down its performance. 

Geographical Restrictions

Free streaming sites are not accessible in every region because of legal issues. The KissCartoon streaming site shut down over copyright violations; thus, it won’t be legal in every country. Online streaming is not illegal but watching copyrighted content is, and if you’re accessing its mirror sites, then you can get into trouble. The ISP can catch you for accessing the website that’s being blocked because it hosts illegal content. They can charge you with hefty fines, but in worse situations, law enforcement agencies will get involved and might even drag you into court. 

Viruses and Malware

One of the top concerns of using the KissCartoon site is downloading malware and viruses on your device. The KissCartoon clone sites are full of malicious software like spyware or even ransomware, and this is a significant problem that can risk your device and the sensitive data stored within it. Some viruses download on their own by visiting the sites, or you unintentionally download them by clicking on any pop-ups cluttering your screen. Being a free site, no one takes the necessary action to maintain users’ security on KissCartoon. 

Online Surveillance

Using the KissCartoon duplicate sites permits online snoopers to track and record your online activities, leading to the loss of digital privacy. The website knows what you’re watching, when, and how long your activity lasts. In addition, they know your operating system and the device type you use to watch the streaming content. Besides this, the ISP can easily monitor your online activities. If they see that you’re watching pirated content, they take action against you. Also, to stop you from excessive streaming, the ISP might start throttling your connection, which will spoil your streaming experience.

How to Access KissCartoon Alternatives Safely?

Due to the dangers and privacy risks surrounding KissCartoon, you can use its alternatives. But for additional protection, you must use safety tools.

Below is a brief overview of the different security measures you can practice to access KissCartoon alternatives safely:

Use a VPN

The best way to access KisCartoon alternatives safely is to use a VPN. It encrypts the entire data traffic between your device and the VPN server, making it difficult for the ISP, hackers, and surveillance authorities, to see which websites you’re visiting and what you’re doing on the web. In addition, it hides your IP address by connecting you to a remote VPN server and ensures an anonymous browsing experience. Your ISP won’t be able to track your activities, so you can easily prevent ISP throttling

Besides this, with a VPN, you can bypass censorship filters and easily access geo-blocked sites. Most reliable VPN providers have obfuscation technology or servers that help circumvent censorship. It means you can use a VPN and access KissCartoon alternatives if the ISP or government has restricted its access. Also, some VPNs offer an anti-malware feature that helps block potential malware and spyware you download while streaming on the site and maintains device security. 

Thus, always connect to a legitimate VPN before you access the KissCartoon alternatives. As the market is brimming with several VPN providers where each claims to be the best, it’s advisable to use trusted streaming VPNs

Use Anti-Malware Software

Besides a VPN provider, using anti-malware software is also advisable. When streaming on KissCartoon alternatives, you might see several ads and can accidentally click on one. Anti-malware software includes real-time protection that easily detects and blocks malware or other malicious software that might be present on the site. When you run a scan using the KissCartoon alternatives, it automatically detects and blocks the malware without impacting your streaming experience. Besides this, some even come with web filters that block access to malicious websites and, thus, protect you from accessing any dangerous site that could infect your device with malware or target you with a phishing attack.

Use Ad Blocker

Nothing irks the users as much as the ads that clutter their screens. An adblocker is another excellent tool for maintaining maximum digital privacy on KissCartoon alternatives. Different types of ad blockers perform various functions. Some block the advertising content or certain ads like pop-ups or on-screen ads. But their ultimate goal is the same, i.e., to protect you from annoying and intrusive ads. When you use an adblocker on KissCartoon alternatives, it prevents them from loading on your screen, and thus you won’t see any ads on the sites.

Why Do You Need To Use The Best KissCartoon Alternatives?

There are several reasons to use KissCartoon alternatives. The original website is no longer accessible, while the clone sites appear and disappear from time to time without any warning making them an unreliable option. These sites mostly contain pirated content, and when the distributors file a complaint against them in court, the ISP blocks them. 

Unlike KissCartoon, its alternatives offer better content selection and video quality. The original website doesn’t host content on its servers and instead shows third-party links. These links don’t offer quality video streams, so you will be disappointed with what you used to watch on the original site. The speeds are also slow, so; you will witness frequent buffering and connection lags, eventually spoiling your streaming experience. In addition, these links don’t show legal content, so there are high chances of watching copyrighted content that can put you in legal trouble. 

Besides this, several ads on KissCartoon are intrusive and annoying. Hence, if you’re looking for an ad-free streaming experience, consider using the KissCartoon alternatives.


Is KissCartoon still working?

The original KissCartoon site went down in 2017 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) because of copyright issues. The site doesn’t host content on its servers. Instead, it shows video streaming links that can contain pirated content, and upon receiving several complaints, a decision was made to shut down the site permanently. The loyal KissCartoon fans were utterly disappointed by this decision. However, the team behind the original site continues to develop duplicate sites that allow users to access the content and enjoy a similar experience to KissCartoon. 

Are free streaming sites legal to use?

There’s a great debate around the legality of free streaming sites. The country laws where you live play a crucial role in deciding whether these sites are legal. Using a free streaming site in some regions is legal, while it is against the law in others. Most free streaming sites don’t have a content library of their own and instead show third-party links without realizing they can contain copyrighted content. Thus, before accessing any free streaming site, it’s better to check the local laws or protect your privacy by using a legitimate VPN provider. 

Is KissCartoon legal to use?

It entirely depends on how you’re using the site. Using KissCartoon to download the streaming content and share it with others without asking for the owners’ permission is illegal. Also, if you’re using it for online streaming, it would only be legal if the country you live in permits free streaming on websites. If the country abides by strict laws, then using KissCartoon is illegal. If the ISP or the law enforcement agencies catch you, they can charge you with hefty fines. 

What are the best alternatives to KissCartoon?

DisneyNow, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and ToonJet are some of the best alternatives to KissCartoon. Other than this, all the websites mentioned above are good options instead of KissCartoon. All these websites are free to use and ensure a great streaming experience. However, there are much better options available that you can also consider using, but they aren’t free to use. If you’re an anime enthusiast, then Netflix, Disney Plus, and BBC iPlayer are some best-paid streaming services worth trying. Besides offering extensive content libraries and HD-quality video streams, these sites are legal and safe. In other words, they are free from the risks of free streaming sites. So, save money and use the premium sites to enjoy an amazing streaming experience. 

Is there a need to use a VPN on KissCartoon alternatives?

Using a VPN is always a great idea to use on KissCartoon alternatives. It is a security-enhancing software that hides the IP address and encrypts the data traffic, thus ensuring that no one knows who you are and what you’re doing on the web. This way, online hackers and ISPs won’t be able to monitor and track your activities. Besides this, a VPN helps bypass geo-blocks and access websites inaccessible within your region. Also, it improves the streaming speeds and even protects the device from malware and other malicious software. 

Does KissCartoon offer mirror sites?

Since the time, KissCartoon went offline; its mirror sites have been around the web. Since these sites contain pirated content, they often get blocked by ISPs but continue to reappear with new domains and URLs. Most people think it provides the same functionality as the original KissCartoon. It isn’t true, as the mirror sites often contain malicious content that might infect your device with spyware or malware. 

Final Thoughts

KissCartoon enjoyed a great reputation among its fans but unexpectedly got offline for containing copyrighted content. Besides this, the website poses significant threats to your digital privacy. Considering all these things, users have been looking for its alternatives. The above article shares the best KissCartoon alternatives. These alternatives offer much better options than KissCartoon and are reliable to use. However, it’s advisable to use a reliable VPN provider, ad blocker, and anti-malware software for added protection.

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