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Popcorn Time Review – How To Still Access With Mirror Sites?

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Popcorn Time Review

Popcorn time Review


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  • Born: 2014
  • Quality: 1080
  • Price: Free 
  • Ads Level: 2 ads found. 
  • History: Copyright Infringement.
  • Cons: Pirated content, ISP throttling.

Install VPN that offers fast buffering, free ad/malware blocker, and bypass censorship

Popcorn time was a leading name in the online streaming world. It is a multi-platform free software BitTorrent client that has long since served as a free pirated version of the paid streaming platform Netflix. The platform appeared as an app and was created “within a couple of weeks” by a group from Buenos Aires. However, it was later removed from the internet due to copyright violation issues.

Nevertheless, The site is still on the internet through various domains, and people use it for online streaming. However, popcorn time has been involved in copyright infringements in the past and is still under strict surveillance.

This review will examine all the major pros and cons of popcorn time and how to remain safe while streaming on free platforms. 

What type of content do they offer?

Popcorn time offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, and web series. The site is full of newly released content in almost all genres, including action, crime, comedy, serial killer, romance, drama, thriller, and much more. Not only that, but popcorn time also offers Korean, Japanese, and anime content for its users. The site provides users with a seamless streaming experience, and all the newly released streaming content is available on the site.

Moreover, the site is very well-developed and user-friendly. The site is designed with a search bar at the top left of the screen allowing users to easily search for their best TV shows and movies without the need to browse the whole website. There is something to watch for everyone on popcorn time!

Is that Legal to Watch?

Popcorn time is a popular streaming site that offers free streaming of movies and tv shows in excellent quality. The site is known for its Netflix-like web design and huge streaming content library. 

However, popcorn time hosts copyrighted content, and streaming copyrighted content is illegal in most countries. Users can be charged with penalties if caught streaming pirated content. Popcorn time has been involved in legality issues since the day it was launched and has always managed to return with a changed domain name.

The project was open-source and was abandoned by the original creators in 2014, a few days after its launch; however, due to its open-source nature, other developers managed to run the project from where they left off. The site hosted pirated content and was ad-supported, making it an easy target for hackers.

Now in January 2022, popcorn time has been shut down by the creators stating that “the world doesn’t need Popcorn Time anymore.” but the site is still working through mirror platforms. However, the risk with these mirror sites is that they are not as legit as the original website and the security threats are a major drawback.

Is it safe to stream through popcorn time

It is never safe to stream on free streaming sites. When the product is free, you are risking your security. The site hosts pirated content and have previously been involved in copyright infringements.

At the end of 2015, many film studios filed lawsuits against popcorn time for copyright issues, resulting in users stopping using popcorn time to protect themselves from legal lawsuits. Moreover, the site uses torrents from online directories, which is again counted as illegal. 

We do not support streaming copyrighted content; however, there are a few tips to remain safe while streaming on popcorn time;

  • VPN: use a reliable VPN while streaming on popcorn time to protect your identity from online snoopers and prevent engaging in any lawsuit.
  • Antivirus software: download antivirus software on your device to prevent unwanted malware and data breaches.

At last, it is unclear how long popcorn time will stay on the internet through mirrors and clones as the film studios keep a strict eye on the streaming platform. Therefore, we recommend protecting your digital footprints through privacy tools while streaming on the platform. 

My Experience With popcorn time

Being a movie freak, I always search for new websites to stream movies and TV shows. When I came across popcorn time, I was highly impressed with the web design. I make sure to use a powerful Streaming VPN with a built-in ad blocker to protect my device and personal data. It also helps in getting a better streaming experience. 

Coming on to the streaming experience, searching for any movie is very easy, and the library is full of all kinds of streaming content. The quality is also HD, and the site has no intrusive ads. Moreover, on the site, there is a short description of every show and movie, along with an IMDB rating, to help you decide whether you want to watch the movie. Overall I would recommend the site to new users.

How to stream on popcorn time

Streaming on popcorn time is relatively easy and straightforward. The site has no ads or pop-ups, which makes it reliable and helps in providing a smooth streaming experience. However, We recommend VPNs to prevent ISP throttling and bandwidth restrictions while streaming. 

Firstly, search for the movie or show you are willing to watch. Popcorn time has a vast collection of streaming content, and you will surely find your favorites. 

Secondly, click on the movie or TV show you want to watch and either directly start playing or read the description and watch the trailer first. 

Now you can stream your preferable show or movie!

Moreover, users can also download the apps on their devices for a better experience. Lastly, Use privacy tools to protect your digital identity and prevent copyright infringements. 

Device support and compatibility

The site is highly compatible with almost all devices. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you are all set to stream. Popcorn times works well with Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Android TV, and Linux. Users can also download the popcorn time application for streaming on the go!

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the significant pros and cons of popcorn time; 


  • No ads: the site has no ads or annoying pop-ups, making the experience smooth and better than other streaming sites. 
  • Good quality: popcorn time offers high-quality streaming and very minimum lags.
  • Vast collection: it has a massive collection of movies, tv shows, and sports events to choose from. 


  • Pirated content: it hosts pirated content which can result in copyright infringements.
  • Complicated downloading: The process is relatively hard and time-consuming to download the popcorn time app.

Overall, the site is worth trying as the pros dominate over the cons.

How to access popcorn time mirror sites

Popcorn time has several mirror sites that can be accessed when the original website is down. However, there are a few things to remember while accessing mirror sites.

  • Check the site’s URL to ensure the mirror site is authentic. Some hackers make fake mirror sites to steal user data.
  • Mirror sites usually bombard users with ads and pop-ups. We suggest using a reliable ad blocker to protect against malware-containing ads.

Here is a list of mirror sites of popcorn time that are working.

You can access these sites when the original site is down.


Is popcorn time still working in 2020?

The original site was closed a while ago. However, it is still on the internet with a different domain. The site provides a vast collection of movies, shows, and other streaming content. 

Is it safe to download popcorn time?

The site uses pirated content, and we do not recommend downloading from the site without a VPN. a VPN will encrypt your data and protect your device from unwanted malware installation and viruses. 

Is a VPN needed for popcorn time?

Yes, a VPN is mandatory while streaming on popcorn time. Usually, free streaming sites use third-party services to provide streaming content, and these third parties can access users’ IPs and data. Make sure to use a reliable VPN with the site and protect your digital identity. 

Does popcorn time have 4k movies?

Popcorn time allows users to stream in 4k; however, you will need a strong internet connection in order to stream interrupted in 4k quality.

What can I use instead of popcorn?

There are many options for free streaming sites on the internet, such as fmovies, soap2day, putlocker, 123movies, and many others. All these sites offer free streaming and provide a huge collection of streaming content. 

Final words

Popcorn time is a popular site that offers free streaming content. The site has no ads and allows users to download movies from its vast collection of streaming libraries. However, the site was shut down in January 2022 and is broadcast on the internet through mirror sites. 

Popcorn time has several drawbacks, including copyright issues, ISP throttling, and frequent shutdown. However, we recommend using privacy tools such as VPN and antivirus software to protect your device and data. 

All over popcorn is a fantastic site and compatible with all devices. The site offers HD-quality streaming and is a good choice for online streaming. 

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