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Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

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Putlocker is a popular streaming platform that provides users with updated TV shows and movies links. However, the site faces copyright violations and thus was blocked by the Australian and the UK court. Since it was a free streaming platform, users continued looking for Putlocker alternatives to continue enjoying their streaming experience. 

The website included host links to a wide range of streaming content. Be it a thriller, action, sci-fi, horror, comedy, or drama, Putlocker covers everything. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that it offers streaming content for everyone and makes their weekends amazing. 

However, since Putlocker doesn’t host files of its known so, there’s great debate about whether the streaming links show copyrighted content. Also, the website’s free nature allows ISPs and hackers to track your activities which is not good from a privacy perspective. Thus, consider using the Putlocker alternatives to avoid these issues and enhance your streaming experience. 

The following article looks deeper into the best alternatives to Putlocker so let’s dive into it. 

quick steps to safely watch Putlocker alternatives

The best Putlocker alternatives provide reliable streaming with their vast content library. However, like every free streaming site they contain several security and privacy risks. Therefore, it is best to use reliable security boosting tools that can help you remain secure.

Streaming VPN: Make sure you use the best streaming VPN that bypasses Geo-Blocking, Free Malware, and Free Ad Blockers; bypass ISP Throttling and get the fastest buffering.
Use an Ad blocker: Install an ad blocker and block intrusive ads that spoil the streaming experience
Install Malware Blocker: intrusive ads can lead to malware most of the time and use better Anti-Malware. 

These security boosting tool helps you remain safe and secure while streaming online.

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Best alternatives to Putlocker? Short reviews

Since Putlocker was such a popular site, several sites have come up as reliable alternatives. Amidst this, finding reliable sites which are continuously working is hard. We have therefore compiled the following list of the best Putlocker alternatives that provide the same experience as that of the original.

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Privacy Issues That Come With Putlocker 

Like other streaming sites, Putlocker also has many privacy concerns that encourage users to use its alternatives. Below is a brief overview of issues that comes along with Putlocker: 

Copyright Violations

Putlocker has always been under the radar because of the content it holds. It works as a search engine rather than serving as a streaming website. Thus, it gathers the streaming links from various sources before presenting them to you. You won’t find the media player page or screen on Putlocker because it only shows the host files links, and then you watch the content on that site. This is why you might end up watching copyrighted content. This is illegal if you have downloaded and shared the content with others, and you can face legal consequences. The ISPs can monitor and track your IP address and send you warning letters. In extreme cases, law enforcement agencies can also crack down against you and charge you with hefty fines and penalties. 

Pop-Up Ads

Another possible privacy issue with Putlocker is that the streaming links it shows are not ad-free. Since all the host files are free, they show several pop-up and on-screen ads. These ads are good for your digital privacy as hackers might inject malicious codes within them and infects your device with malware. 

Besides this, these ads can be part of a marketing campaign that tracks your activities, gathers information about you, and later targets you with personalized ads. At times these ads can be used to launch a phishing attack to steal your login credentials and other sensitive details for committing identity theft or putting it for sale on the dark web. 

Moreover, the pop-up ads also slow the browsing speed, which causes frequent buffering and spoils the streaming experience. 

Geographical Restrictions

It’s a common observation that free streaming sites face geographical restrictions and thus are inaccessible in other regions. Putlocker also faces geo-blocks, but it was because of including the copyrighted content. The Australian and UK courts block the website because of its content. This leaves the users who just use the site for free streaming but can always use tools like a VPN provider to bypass the geo-blocks and enjoy watching streaming content without any restrictions

Malware and Viruses

Putlocker is a free streaming site that doesn’t follow the same rules and regulations as paid streaming sites. Thus, the website might experience various vulnerabilities that malicious actors can exploit. It’s easy for hackers to upload malicious code within the website script that can download malware and viruses on the users’ devices without their prior knowledge. Also, they can redirect you to any fake or malicious site and lure you into downloading an attachment that successfully infects the device with malware and viruses. 

Online Surveillance

Online surveillance is another issue that users frequently experience while using the Putlocker. As it is a free site, you may be giving it the site permission to track your online activity. The collected information can then be used to sell advertising or even sold to third-party companies. Besides this, your ISP may also track your online activity, and they can throttle your speed for excessive streaming and might take legal action against you for streaming or downloading pirated content. 

How to Safely Access Putlocker Websites?

There are always safety risks while using free streaming sites. The same goes with Putlocker, but with dangers come safety measures. Despite the security concerns that come with the Putlocker site, there’s still a way out of using the streaming site without compromising your security and privacy. ‘

Below are the three best ways to access the Putlocker website safely. 

Use a VPN

Using a streaming VPN can help you bypass geo-restrictions and access Putlocker from anywhere in the world. By connecting to a VPN server in a different country, you can change your IP address and appear to be accessing the internet from that location. This allows you to bypass any geo-restrictions or censorship that may be in place in your own country.

Besides this, a VPN is a great tool to improve your streaming speed and stop ISP throttling. A VPN encrypts your traffic and routes it through a server in another location, which can help bypass local internet restrictions and improve your overall internet speeds. Additionally, a VPN can reduce or eliminate ISP throttling by hiding your traffic and IP address from your ISP. Make sure you choose the right VPN because several VPN providers are available in the marketplace, but not all are reliable. Thus, choose a VPN wisely.

Use AdBlocker

An ad blocker on Putlocker allows you to stream TV shows and movies without interfering with pop-ups and ads. An ad blocker blocks these intrusive advertisements, giving you a better experience while streaming your favorite content.

Using an adblocker on the Putlocker site will not impact your experience or the quality of the streams. It may even improve things by getting rid of annoying ads. You will notice that after using the ad blocker, streaming speeds will also improve. There won’t be any on-screen ads that instantly play after every few minutes and causes great frustration among the users. 

Use Antivirus Software

Using antivirus software on the Putlocker site also helps protect you from malware and other malicious threats. It can shield your computer from harmful viruses and malware downloaded on your device while clicking on any malicious ads while streaming. In addition, many antivirus software offers real-time protection against new and emerging threats, which can be particularly helpful in protecting yourself against the latest malware and other malicious software.

Why Use Putlocker Alternatives?

There are plenty of reasons why you want to use a Putlocker alternative. The site doesn’t have a content library and shows video stream links from other sources. It does so because it works as a streaming search engine; when you visit the website so, the homepage shows a dedicated search bar. Enter the relevant keyword, and it will show the host links. Because of all this, the website often faces backlash and legality issues. No one knows whether the streaming links show pirated content. If it does so, the ISPs and law enforcement agencies within your jurisdiction can take legal action against you. They can drag you to a court or penalize you for streaming or downloading content with the distributor’s permission. In 2017, report finds that users were involved in copyright violations using the Putlocker streaming site. 

Because of legal concerns, Putlocker gets a temporary ban, and during this time, the cybercriminals create Putlocker mirror sites. Though these sites might tempt users, they are unsafe to use. So, instead of risking your digital privacy by using mirror sites, it’s better to use the Putlocker alternatives. 

Besides this, many users consider Putlocker unreliable because the links it shows might be fake or malware-embedded and can infect their devices with malicious software. Also, since the website faces geo-blocks, it isn’t available in many other regions. Thus, to avoid all these reasons use the best Putlocker alternatives. 

To further enhance your streaming experience, always connect to a reliable streaming VPN provider in the first place.


Has Putlocker been shut down?

The original Putlocker website went offline temporarily, but it isn’t shut down permanently. The website has a long history of getting shut down and reappearing with a new domain and URL. The British High Court blocked the website in 2016 over copyright violations. In late 2016, it faced a temporary shutdown but again re-appeared in 2017 when the Australian Federal Court issued an order to block it and 49 other pirated websites. Thus, the website is not permanently shut down, and anyone can use the clone sites to access it. 

Are the Putlocker alternatives safe?

The Putlocker alternatives mentioned in this article are relatively safe to use. All these websites are still working; the best part is they’ll be legal. These sites might face geo-blocks or bombards you with ads; you can use a legitimate VPN provider to get around these issues. If you still doubt the security of these sites, then it’s advisable to use paid streaming services. Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and HBO Max are the best Putlocker alternatives that you can also consider using. They will charge a monthly subscription fee, but you can have peace of mind since it won’t compromise the users’ security and guarantees the best streaming experience without interruptions. 

Was Putlocker a legal streaming site?

Putlocker was a famous online streaming site that enabled users to watch their favorite streaming content for free. There’s no definite answer about the legality of the streaming site, and it depends on the country you live in. It doesn’t host the content and provides links to the file host to watch the streaming content. These links might contain copyrighted content, and streaming and downloading such content is illegal because it shows streaming content without the permission of the content distributor. 

Why should you always use a VPN with free streaming sites?

The free streaming sites mostly don’t host content on their own and instead include video stream links from other sources. This comes with additional risks as if you watch copyrighted content in a region with strict piracy laws. Because of this, these sites went offline and came back with a new domain. Besides this, these free websites display many ads that ruin the streaming experience. There is also the possibility that hackers might use these ads to spread malware on your device. However, despite all these risks, people still use these sites because they come off without charges. 

The good news is that you can use free streaming sites without risking your digital privacy and security. A VPN is the perfect tool to prevent all these issues. It bypasses geo-blocks and guarantees maximum online anonymity by masking your IP address and changing your geographic location. This way, you can stream online movies without worrying about getting caught in countries having strict laws. Also, the VPN encrypts the streaming traffic and protects you from hackers trying to snoop on your activities. 

Final Thoughts

Putlocker has been a good option to watch the streaming content for free. However, using the best Putlocker alternatives is better because of legal issues and other privacy concerns. These alternatives are much better because they won’t come with issues like the Putlocker site. Always connect to a reliable VPN for streaming and an ad-blocker to bypass geo-blocks and stop ads from disturbing your streaming experience. 

Try using the Putlocker alternatives and share your comments below in the comments section.

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