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Yesmovies Review- Access With Best Mirror Sites In 2023

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Yesmovies Review


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  • Born: 2009.
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Ads Level: 1-2 ads 
  • Price: It is free to use.
  • History: Copyright infringement issues.
  • Cons: Geo-blocks, malware, ads.

Install VPN that offers fast buffering, free ad/malware blocker, and bypass censorship

Yesmovies is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content, from movies to television shows. There is something for everyone on yesmovies, and the service is constantly adding new content. The Pros of yesmovies are that it is an affordable way to watch movies and television shows, there is no commitment required, and the content is ad-free. 

The Cons of yesmovies are that it is not available in all countries, there is a limited selection of content, and some users have reported buffering issues. Overall, yesmovies is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable and ad-free streaming service. Yesmovies is a streaming site that offers a wide variety of free movies and tv shows. The site has a clean and organized interface, which makes it easy to find the content you’re looking for. 

Additionally, the site doesn’t offer any original content, so you won’t be able to find anything that you can’t find on other streaming sites. Overall, yesmovies is a decent streaming site, but there are better options out there.

Yesmovies content, movies, TV shows, and more

Yesmovies offers a wide variety of content, with something for everyone. The content genres include Action, Adventure, Anime, Biographies, Classics, Comedies, Documentaries, Drama, family, foreign, Kids, Musicals, new releases, reality TV, Romance, Sci-fi, Sports, stand-up comedy, Thriller, Fantasy, and Horror.

There is also a section on the website where you can find trending content. A content description and summary are often available for each content on yesmovies. This can help decide what to watch. Content is available in several languages on yesmovies, the most popular being English. However, several other languages are available, including Spanish, French, Hindi, German, and more.

Yesmovies Legality Issues 

Yesmovies is a streaming service that offers various movies and TV shows. It is available in many countries, but some have banned it. so it is important to be aware of the legal trouble you could get into by streaming on Yesmovies. Therefore, In some countries, Yesmovie is illegal.

The service has been banned in China, India, and Iran. In addition, Yesmovies has been accused of hosting pirated content. This means that you could be breaking the law by streaming on the site. Even if Yesmovies is legal in your country, you could still face legal trouble. The site has been known to host copyrighted material. You could be sued for copyright infringement if you stream any of this material on Yesmovies. It is important to be aware of the legal risks involved with streaming on Yesmovies.

While the service may be available in your country, it is important to check your local laws before streaming. You could face legal trouble if you stream pirated content or copyrighted material on the site.

Is yesmovies worth it? 

If you’re thinking about streaming on yesmovies, you might wonder if the site is safe. Unfortunately, there have been some reports of problems while streaming on yesmovies, including malware and ads. This means that your computer could be at risk if you stream on the site. 

In addition to malware, there are also intrusive and annoying ads on the site that can result in slow speed. If you do decide to stream yesmovies, use a good antivirus program and ensure your computer is up to date with all the latest security patches. Moreover, If you want to avoid the ads, try using an ad blocker. However, remember that ad blockers can sometimes block essential parts of websites, so you may want to whitelist yesmovies if you use one.

The best way to stay safe while streaming is to use a VPN. A VPN will encrypt your traffic and help protect your privacy. Moreover, a streaming VPN can help you bypass any restrictions or firewalls blocking yesmovies in your country. Whether or not you decide to stream yesmovies, always remember to practise good computer safety habits.

Streaming experience

The quality of the streaming videos on yesmovies is relatively good. The video quality is HD, and there are no buffering or lags. However, some users have reported problems while streaming on yesmovies. These problems include the videos not loading correctly or the website being slow. The site also has ads and pop-ups. The ads are reported to be the main cause of malware installation on users’ devices. Not only that, these ads also lower the streaming speed. 

Moreover, some users have reported problems with video quality, especially in HD. There have also been reports of issues with the audio, although this seems to be less common.

How to stream yesmovies?

Yesmovies is a popular streaming site that offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows. You can watch Yesmovies on your computer, mobile device, or TV. Here are some tips on using Yesmovies:- To watch Yesmovies on your computer, you must create a free account. Once you have created an account, you can browse the movie and TV show catalogs and start watching shows and movies.-Yesmovies offers HD and SD quality options for streaming. 

To change the quality of your stream, hover over the video player and click on the HD or SD button. You can also create a watchlist on Yesmovies. To do this, click on the heart icon next to a movie or TV show that you want to add to your list.

There are many ways to stream Yesmovies. One way is to use the search bar to find the movie or TV show you want to watch. Another way is to browse by genre. You can also browse by popularity or release date. If you have a specific movie or TV show in mind, you can use the search bar to find it. Once you find the movie or TV show you want to watch, you can click on it and start streaming.

Pros and Cons 


  • Wide variety: the site offers a large variety of streaming content, including movies, dramas, and tv shows.
  • Good quality: it provides HD-quality streaming to users for a seamless streaming experience.
  • Free of cost: yesmovies is free to watch and charges no penny for streaming.
  • Multinational content: the site offers content from every part of the world, such as Kdramas, etc.


  • Unreliable: The site is known to be unreliable due to frequent downtime. The website goes down several times a week, making it an unreliable option for streaming.
  • Late releases: New released content can take up to several weeks to be featured on the website.
  • No VOD option: Users can not rewind or pause live TV.
  • Ads interruption: The sites bombard users with annoying ads causing interruption while streaming.

Yesmovies supported devices

Yesmovies is an excellent website for streaming movies and TV shows. It has a massive selection of content and is very easy to use. You can stream content through Yesmovies on any device with an internet connection. This includes computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Mirror sites of yesmovies

Yesmovies is a free streaming site and there are times when the site is not available. The downtime is due to overloading on servers and geo-restriction. Therefore, the site has numerous mirror sites. These mirror sites are made by volunteers and are not as safe as the original. However, they can help you access yesmovies.

  1. https://yesmovies.ag/
  2. https://yesmovies.st/
  3. https://yesmovies.vc/
  4. https://yesmovies.zone/
  5. https://vhmovies.tv/
  6. https://yesmovieshd.to/
  7. https://yesmovies.surf/

Always make sure to use a VPN while accessing any mirror site, as these site are not as reliable as the original website. 


Should I use VPN with yesmovies?

Yesmovies hosts pirated and copyrighted content which is illegal in most countries. Moreover, the site is also blocked in countries such as India and China. Therefore, using a reliable VPN will help you out. A VPN masks your IP and prevents identity theft. It will also help you in bypassing geo-restriction and prevent ISP throttling. The VPN uses obfuscating servers that help bypass geo-restrictions, and users can easily access yesmovies in banned countries.  

Can you watch movies for free on yesmovies?

Yesmovies is a free streaming platform. The site has movies and shows from all around the world.. The site has a huge library of streaming content from all genres, including horror, fantasy, family, etc.

Is yesmovies legal?

Yesmovies is legal and has never been involved in lawsuits since its launch. However, the site is blamed for hosting pirated and copyrighted content. Moreover, yesmovies is banned in China, India, and Iran. Even if yesmovies is legal in your country, we advise using a VPN to keep your identity private and prevent allegations of streaming pirated content. It will mask your IP and encrypt your data, protecting your identity from ISP and government initials.

What is better than yesmovies?

There are numerous alternatives to yesmovies available on the internet. Some of them are Amazon prime, putlocker, popcornflix, etc. all of these alternatives are popular and trustworthy. 

Is yesmovies safe to use?

Yesmovies is safe to use and legal. However, there have been reports of malware on the site. Yesmovie is ad-supported, and these ads supposedly install unwanted malware in your device. We suggest using antivirus software for extra layers of protection.

Has yesmovies been shut down?

No, yesmovies is up and is working smoothly. Most of the time users face downtime because of overloading on servers.  However, You might be facing this downtime due to geo-restrictions, Try accessing it with a VPN.

Final Words 

Yesmovies is worth a try! The interface can be a bit confusing to navigate. But overall, it’s a good service. The quality of the stream is usually pretty good, although it can vary depending on the film or show you’re watching. It has a lot of different movies and tv shows to choose from. 

One of the main problems with Yesmovies is that there are a lot of ads. They pop up every few minutes, and they can be annoying. Moreover, these ads are reported to download malware on users ‘ devices. We advise using an ad-blocker and antivirus software when using Yesmovies. 

Furthermore, Using a VPN can also help protect your identity and bypass geo-restrictions in countries like China and India. Overall,  Yesmovies is a good option, but only if they’re okay with dealing with a few ads here and there.

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