Affiliate Disclosure

How Does SitesToStream Earn?- Will You Support Us?

SitesToStream is an independent platform that does not take paid reviews, streaming sites affiliations, or advertisements. But we do need to keep ourselves afloat. 

Unfortunately, people don’t donate to such noble causes, and for us, ads are a big no because:

  1. They may steal your data 
  2. They are annoying and intrusive 
  3. They ruin the reader’s experience.

So if you want to see us around, how about you buy the number of VPNs, antimalware and other products we mention on our site? If you get a subscription to those VPNs, antimalware software, or any other security product through our links, not only will you be helping yourself by remaining secure and get a discount, but you will also help us through the small profit we earn through each sale. 

Also, rest assured that these negligible affiliations in no way impact our reviews or our content. We have a strict editorial policy that we tend to maintain with every work we publish on the site.