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30+ Best and (Totally Free) Sports Streaming Sites In 2023

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There has been a drastic increase in online streaming sites over the past years. People are streaming on these sites more, and cable TV has gone out of date. Moreover, cable providers charge plenty for their services, while customers can access these streaming sites for free. So if you are a sports lover but hate the high cost of cable TV, you’re in luck! There are now several great options for streaming live sports online, and best of all, many of them are completely free. 

However, since there are several great sports streaming sites out there, which one is the best for you? It depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to be able to stream live games? Or do you just want to catch up on highlights after the fact?

This post will look at the best free sports streaming sites. We’ll also give you tips on getting the most out of each site. So whether you’re looking to watch football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, read on to find the best streaming option.

Quick List 

If you want to catch up n your favorite sporting events, here is a quick list of all the best free sports streaming sites:

  1. Fifa+Live – launched in 2022 offered details about live, upcoming, and previous soccer matches.
  2. Live Soccer TV – a reliable platform that allows streaming live soccer matches  
  3. Sportrar.TV – a broadcasting site that provides insight on ongoing, upcoming, and previous sports events. 
  4. Eleven Sports – a reliable streaming platform that allows live streaming sporting events. 
  5. CricHD – a free streaming site that allows streaming of all kinds of sports, including cricket 
  6. Cricfree.TV – a reliable live streaming platform that ensures streaming of all the latest and ongoings sports events 
  7. Rojadirecta – a reliable streaming site that offers live streaming of various sporting events in different languages. 
  8. Buffstreams – a platform that promises HD streaming of all renowned sporting events 
  9. Stream2Watch – a simple streaming site that hosts live streaming of several sporting events 
  10. Sports+ – a well-organized and reliable streaming site that allows live streaming of various sporting events. 

While these sites are reliable for streaming sports online, they come with various security issues, such as malicious redirects, ad pop-ups, ISP throttling, and geo-restrictions. It is, therefore, crucial to use the best streaming VPN, such as NordVPN, to ensure safe and reliable online streaming. 

Do I need any security tools to stream sports for free? 

There are several different security tools that you can use to stream sports for free. The best way to find out what you need is to consult your computer security specialist. However, in general, you will need a firewall, antivirus software, VPN, and some others such as;

  • A firewall will protect your computer from hackers trying to access your system to steal your personal information or infect your machine with malware.
  • Antivirus software will scan your system for viruses and other malicious software that could harm your computer or disrupt your streaming experience.
  • A VPN (a virtual private network) will encrypt your internet connection and allow you to connect to a secure server, which can help protect your privacy and keep your data safe from prying eyes.
  • Malware blockers prevent malicious websites from installing unwanted trojans and malware in users’ devices. 
  • Ad blockers help in bypassing intrusive and annoying ads while streaming. 

Following are the few privacy tools that can help provide a safe and secure streaming experience. 

Best Sports streaming sites 

Best sports streaming sites have minimal ads and buffering. These sites offer huge content libraries and provide accurate match updates. However, finding the best streaming site; we are here to help. We have compiled a list of the best free sports streaming sites. Here is a list of the best sports streaming sites;

1. Fifa+live


Fifa+ is a soccer streaming site that was launched in April 2022. It is a free site and offers comprehensive details about ongoing, upcoming, and past soccer matches. There is no requirement to register or sign up to stream on the site; it offers many languages and has a huge collection of sports content. 

Moreover, the site offers documentaries of your favorite players, and just by searching the player’s name in the search bar; it shows a vast collection of the players’ matches and interviews. The site is well-developed and has an easy layout. 

However, the drawback of fifa+ is that some matches are geo-blocked, and the device compatibility is poor. It only works on desktops and mobile phones. Overall it is one of the best sports streaming sites, and everyone should try it!

2. Live soccerTV

Live soccerTV

Live Soccer TV is a legit sports site that is free to use. It shows live scores of ongoing matches and provides details of past games. The site does not stream any live matches and only offers legit links for the streaming platforms airing the matches.

The site has been on the internet for a long time and has thousands of loyal customers. Additionally, it offers live broadcasting of soccer matches, including the FIFA world cup. The layout is a little hard to understand, and it may take a few minutes to understand the website.

Another drawback of live soccer TV is that the site is filled with ads and pop-ups. Clicking on the page redirects you to a new Facebook page. 

3. Sportrar TV

Sportrar TV

Sportrar is a broadcasting site that provides comprehensive information about ongoing, upcoming, and all previous matches. It is among the most popular sports streaming websites of all time. The site is absolutely free, and users can access it without registering.

The site has thousands of regular visitors and is 100% legit. It does not host pirated streaming; meanwhile only provides links to legal websites for users to visit and stream. However, it is among the few free sports streaming sites that provide FIFA world cup updates.

However, it has a few pretty stubborn ads. You can use an adblocker to avoid these ads, but overall the site is worth a shot.

4. Eleven sports

Eleven sports

Eleven Sports is a paid streaming platform launched in 2015. It gained its height in 2019 and, after that, is considered one of the most popular streaming sites. It is based in the UK, and hosts live sports streaming, including soccer.

Eleven sports have millions of users and are legit streaming sites. The platform shows La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Europa League (so far on an ad hoc basis), US PGA Championship 2018, LPGA golf, UFC, etc. The site used to offer a seven-day free trial, but now it has been redeemed, and users have to get a £5.99 monthly plan. 

However, the site is geo-blocked in certain regions, and users must use a VPN to access the streaming site outside the UK.

5. CricHD


CricHD is a free streaming service that provides streaming of all sports, including cricket. It offers live streaming of all cricket leagues, such as PSL. IPL Big Bash and others. The site also provides other games, including rugby, football, tennis, boxing, etc.

It is compatible with streaming devices like firestick and provides necessary information about the games and legit links to stream the matches. All the links provided on the site are HD quality. It is also offering live streaming of the FIFA world cup. 

In addition, the website interface seems busy while interacting for the first time, and the website is loaded with ads. Sometimes it even redirects you to another page with more advertising. We suggest using an ad blocker with the site to ensure uninterrupted streaming. 

6. Cricfree.TV


Cricfree is among the best free sports streaming sites and offers the English Premier League, NBA, NFL, MLB, La Liga, and Serie A. It also provides live streaming and stats of all the ongoing matches.

Moreover, it requires users to sign in to live stream on the platform through registration, does not require any fee, and is free. It is a well-designed site and has a straightforward layout. The site also offers other sports, including Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Rugby, etc. 

However, Circfree.TV has recently taken the initiative to ask its customers to donate to the website to make it ad-free, which is an excellent step, in our opinion. 

7. Rojadirecta


Rojadirecta is a free streaming site that streams sports matches. The site is newly developed and has mixed reviews. It offers different languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, etc. 

In addition, the website offers sports, including soccer, table tennis, cricket, and others. It is an ad-supported website that is currently offering live streaming of the FIFA world cup 2022.

There are a few drawbacks of the site, such as some users have reported the site without consent downloading unwanted software on their devices, and the ads are reported to have malware. 

8. Buffstreams


Buffstream is a free streaming site that offers HD streaming and live TV for sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, and Hockey. It even provides streaming of premier leagues such as the NBA. 

Moreover, live games are licensed, so there is no risk of copyright issues. The site does have ads that can result in malware installation, and it also keeps track of users’ URL and uses other tracking methods.

Therefore, use privacy tools like ad blockers, antivirus software, or a VPN to protect your data and device while accessing the site. 

9. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch A free sports streaming site that allows users to stream soccer, basketball, hockey, Golf, tennis, etc., it provides users with comprehensive information about the games and leagues.

Furthermore, the website’s layout is very straightforward, and the search bar works efficiently compared to other streaming websites. The site has various channels, including MSNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, NBC Live, C-Span, CNN, CNBC, ABC, and Russia TV. 

However, the site is ad-supported, and there is a risk of malware. Therefore, we recommend using antivirus software and an ad blocker with the website. 

10. Sport +

Sport +

Sport + is free streaming and is legit to use. The site offers to stream various sports such as cricket, football, ice hockey, tennis, volleyball, darts, esports, etc. 

Sport+ website is very well-organized and has an easy user interface. The site is ad-supported and has a white and blue layout that makes the information on the homepage stand out.

However, the site does not use copyrighted content and is ready to take preventive measures if anyone has a copyright infringement complaint. 

What type of content do they offer?

Most free sports streaming sites offer a wide variety of content, including live games, Highlights, on-demand content of sports and leagues such as;

  • Football/soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • table tennis
  • Esports
  • Poker
  • Ice hockey
  • FIFA world cup
  • NBA  championship
  • Serie A
  • Europa League
  • US PGA Championship
  • PGA golf
  • NFL

They also offer score charts and live updates of the match along with upcoming and past match history. In addition, to live games and highlights, many of these sites also offer exclusive interviews with athletes and coaches and behind-the-scenes access to sporting events. 

Latest sporting events that you need to catch

Here is a list of latest sporting events occuring in 2022-2023 that you can catch on these sites:

  • FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 (football)
  • WBC world heavyweight chanpionship (boxing)
  • English Premier League (football)
  • NHL Winter Classic (Ice Hockey)
  • NFLS regular season (football)
  • Tennis Grand slam (tennis)
  • World Cup (Cricket)

Threats to online sports streaming 

There are a number of threats to online sports streaming. Some of them are;

Pirated content

Free streaming sites, whether sports or movies, use pirated or copyrighted content. It is considered illegal when the website has no copyrights on a specific sport or show and still hosts it on their page. Moreover, streaming copyrighted content can result in copyright infringement, and users sometimes have to pay penalties. 


Malware is an umbrella term for viruses, trojans, and spyware. These free sites are accused of installing unwanted malware on their devices without consent. This can result in damaging the user’s device and identity theft. 

Ads and pop-ups

Most free streaming sites are ad-supported, and these ads and pop-ups can annoy users while browning or streaming on the website. However, some of these ads are a primary source of malware installation. By intentionally clicking on these ads, they can download viruses to your devices. 


Hacking is another major threat to free sports streaming sites. These sites use third-party affiliated servers to provide users with a way to stream online. Thus it puts users at risk of hacking as these third parties can access users’ data and monitor their activity. 

Data breaches

Data leaks can happen while streaming free streaming sites as these sites are not protected. They are ad-supported, and some require login and registration to stream. By restriction, users provide them with their personal information, which can later cause data breaches. 

These are the few threats to online sports streaming. We recommend using privacy tools to protect personal data and devices while accessing streaming sites. The truth is, it is complicated. Some free sports streaming sites are legal, while others operate in a gray area. It depends on where the content comes from and how the site displays it

How do these sports streaming sites work?

There are a number of ways these free sports streaming sites work, and it is what decides their legality. Some sites use third-party affiliated content and save no videos or streams on their servers. It is a kind of piracy and illegal in most countries. Violation of copyrights and streaming pirated content can even result in penalties and imprisonment. 

However, on the other hand, some sites only offer ongoing match scores, upcoming match dates, details, and past sports match history. It is legal to visit these sites to gather information as these sites do not host live streaming of any sport. In addition, they provide links to other streaming channels hosting those sports events, such as youtube TV, etc. 

Therefore, many people use a VPN with these streaming sites to be on the safe side. A VPN will protect your digital identity and help avoid legality issues. 

How to get rid of ads on free streaming sites?

Free streaming sites have a major drawback, and it is the intrusive ads that pop up after every few seconds. These ads are a primary source of income for these website developers and overs. They are linked with advertising companies that pay dollars to show these ads to website visitors. 

These ads can spoil the whole streaming experience, and here are a few ways you can avoid these ads while streaming; 

  • Ad blockers: these will block all intrusive malware-containing ads. Ad blockers also prevent pop-ups and offer seamless streaming, 
  • A VPN: some VPN services have built-in ad blockers that can help bypass ads and pop-ups while ensuring security.

You can bypass ads by following these steps and enjoy interruption free streaming. 

Do I need a VPN to use the best sports streaming sites? 

A VPN, or virtual private network, encrypts your internet connection and routes it through a server in another location. This can come in handy if your ISP is throttling your connection or while accessing blocked sites in your country.

Moreover, most free streaming sites use pirated content which can result in copyright issues. To avoid getting caught by your ISP while streaming copyrighted content, use a VPN. It has stealth servers that help mask users’ IPs and digital footprints. Not only that, but a VPN can also help improve your connection speed and stability, which is important when streaming live sporting events.

And, if you’re concerned about privacy, a VPN will add an extra layer of protection. So, while you don’t need a VPN to use most sports streaming sites, it can be beneficial in some situations.

How to choose the best VPN for streaming sports? 

When choosing a free VPN for sports streaming sites, you should keep a few things in mind. 

  • First, ensure that the VPN has servers in the country where the site you want to watch is based. This will ensure that you can access the site without any issues.
  • Secondly, check out the speed and reliability of the VPN service. A good VPN should offer fast speeds to stream without any buffering or lag.
  • Additionally, it should be reliable to enjoy a seamless experience.
  • Finally, consider the security and privacy features offered by the VPN provider. Look for AES-256-bit encryption and fast protocols such as wireguard. 

A good VPN will encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address from prying eyes. This will protect your privacy and ensure your data is safe from hackers and other online threats

Are free sports streaming sites legal?- How can I stream sports events for free? 

There are a few options available if you’re looking for a free way to stream sports events. One is to use a website that provides free streams of sporting events. Another option is to use a streaming service that offers a free trial period.

One website that provides free streams of sporting events is ESPN3. This website offers live and on-demand streams of sporting events from around the world. ESPN3 is available to anyone with an internet connection.

Another option for streaming sports events for free is to use a streaming service that offers a free trial period. For example, Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial period. During the trial period, you can watch any channels Sling TV offers, including ESPN3. After the trial period ends, you’ll need to pay for a subscription to continue using the service.


What are the best sports streaming sites?

There are a lot of great sports streaming sites out there, but some of our favorites include ESPN+, NBC Sports Gold, and Sling TV.

Can you watch live sports for free? 

You can watch live sports for free on websites like ESPN.com and NBCSports.com. You can also find live sports broadcasts on ESPN and NBC Sports Network channels.

Are there any free football streaming sites?

Yes, there are a few free football streaming sites. One example is NFL Game Pass, which allows users to watch live and on-demand Preseason, Regular Season, and playoff games.

What is the best app to watch free football? 

The best app to watch free football is the NBC Sports App.

Free sports streaming sites in the UK?

There are a few free sports streaming sites in the UK, but they may not offer the best selection or quality. Some good options include BBC iPlayer, Sky Sports, and BT Sport.

Free live sports streaming websites? 

There are a few free live sports streaming websites that you can check out. Some of these include SportLemon, CricFree, and FirstRowSports.

Final Words 

The internet is filled with free sports streaming sites, but which one is the best? It can be difficult to decide this. While these streaming sites have benefits such as free-of-cost streaming, regular updates, and live streams. There are a few drawbacks too. Free sites are known for hosting copyrighted content which is illegal in the US and other majority countries. Moreover, they bombard users with malicious ads and pop-ups.

However, using privacy tools such as a VPN, ad blocker, malware blocker, and antivirus software. These will help secure and private streaming experience and ensure uninterrupted streaming. We hope this article has helped you better understand free sports streaming sites and how to access them. We wish you safe streaming!

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